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What is the difference between the Antony Kidman Foundation and The Kidman Centre, UTS?
They are entirely separate organisations, although they work closely together. 

The Kidman Centre, UTS is a youth mental health research and treatment centre which is part of the University of Technology, Sydney and has its clinical research premises located within the Prince of Wales hospital precinct in Randwick, NSW. 

The Antony Kidman Foundation is a privately run, not-for-profit philanthropic organisation established to financially support the activities of the Centre. Whilst we are not part of UTS, we do work closely with the University to advance the interests and impact of the Centre.
How do I find out more about The Kidman Centre, UTS and its programs?
The Kidman Centre, UTS offers a range of evidence-based preventative programs and clinical treatments. The focus of the programs and treatments is to help address mental health issues being experienced by, or which may arise for, those 5-25 years of age.

More information about their programs and treatments can be obtained here.
Are donations to the Foundation tax deductible?
Yes, donations to the Foundation are tax deductible under Australian tax law. We will issue a receipt in respect of each donation to enable you to claim the deduction if it is available to you. Whether you can actually claim a deduction will depend on your individual tax circumstances.
How will my donation be used?

As we have minimal overheads, almost the entirety of your donation will be used to support The Kidman Centre, UTS.

Our Donation Terms, which we encourage you to read, provide full detail on how donations are applied. However, in summary, donations are used to support the Kidman Centre in one of the following ways:

  • As part of the Foundation’s regular financial donations to the Centre (including to fund specific projects), and/or,
  • To assist in funding the provision of specific services to the Centre by third party consultants and contractors engaged by the Foundation, and/or,
  • Deposited into the Foundation’s endowment fund, the earnings from which are applied to further increase funding to the Centre.
Can I get a refund of my donation if I change my mind?
Regrettably, we are unable to refund any donations other than in exceptional circumstances (for example, if the donation was made as part of a fraudulent transaction). Any request for a refund will require a written submission that will be considered by the Foundation Board, acting reasonably.

To learn more, please review our Donations Terms or contact us.
Will my contact details be provided to other parties?
No. We will not share your name or email address (or any other information we may have about you) with any other party, except if required by law.
Who do I contact if I have another question?
Please drop us a line at