About the Kidman Centre, UTS
The Kidman Centre, UTS is an internationally recognised treatment and clinical research centre that is part of the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).

It is located within the Prince of Wales hospital precinct in Randwick, NSW and is dedicated to the understanding, prevention and reduction of mental health problems in young people aged 5 to 25 years, and enabling their families to provide support.
Supporting young people to thrive
The Centre is focused on enabling young people to live their lives fully and thrive through their formative years.

It does this through a combination of evidence-based mental health treatments at its Randwick clinic, clinical research to both validate and improve preventative programs (for both young people and their families and support networks) and clinical treatments.
The Centre’s activities and programs
The Centre offers a range of preventative and treatment programs, all validated through clinical research.
Led by Dr Rachael Murrihy
The Kidman Centre, UTS is led by Dr Rachael Murrihy, the Centre Director, who is supported by a team of psychologists and administrative staff. Dr Murrihy has worked at the Centre since 2007 and has been the director since 2014 (following the untimely death of the founder, Professor Antony Kidman).

Dr Murrihy is a clinical psychologist with experience in a diverse range of settings including academia, private practice, inpatient units, and in mainstream and alternative schools. She also lectures, trains and supervises professionals in this field, including clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, family physicians, nurses, educators and interns.

Dr Murrihy has a research interest in the treatment of children and adolescents with behavioural problems and those experiencing bullying. She has published 12 peer-reviewed journal articles, three book chapters, co-authored a manual on psychosis, and co-edited three books on disruptive behaviour disorders.
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